Terrestrial projects


Satellite-based Wetland Observing Service. The objective of the project SWOS is to develop a monitoring and information service focussing on wetland ecosystems.

Monitoring of Swedish Wetlands

Together with our partners we have developed a satellite-data based method for monitoring of Swedish wetlands suited for both regional and national levels. Since 2007 monitoring of the Swedish wetlands using satellite data is performed operationally within the national environmental monitoring program.

Monitoring of Swedish Palsas

Palsas are conspicuous and sensitive expressions of permafrost which apparently have been strongly affected by climate changes. Therefore, there is a need, from a climate change perspective, to follow their development. Since 2013 monitoring of the Swedish palsas is operational within the national environmental monitoring program.

Identification of Valuable Forest Environments

The capercaillie is an umbrella species which means that its conservation is assumed to guarantee the protection of also other biological values. Thus, modelling capercaillie habitats can provide a tool for evaluating biological values of Swedish forests on a landscape scale.

Diversity II

The Diversity II project will contribute to the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) by assessing biological diversity in two important ecosystems of the Earth, Inland Waters and Drylands using satellite data.

3-D Model for Dam Safety Assessment

A custom-made 3-D model of dam facilities can be created and used to improve dam safety assessment. The 3-D model consists of information from drawings, documents, boreholes, instrumentation, geological mapping, aerial and terrestrial laserscanning, aerial photographs and bathymetric measurement from boat.