Water Quality Monitoring

Satellite products development for water quality monitoring in the Great lakes and coastal zone

Since May 2010, a service based on satellite data for regular water quality monitoring in the Great Lakes and Northern Baltic Sea, have been officially launched, www.vattenkvalitet.se. The service provides the aquatic end user community with regular and recent water quality information with large coverage.

SEPA, the River Basin District Authorities, the county administrative boards, the societies for water conservation, water companies and other organisations have the task to monitor, restore and preserve the natural conditions of the lakes and sea, and to provide the community with high quality drinking water. Their work consists of, for example, sampling, analysis and evaluation of the results from their field based programs. The River Basin District Authorities foresees a growing demand of a remote tool for status classification on a general level and our assumption is that remote sensing could be the right tool to accomplish that.


Customers and Partners

ESA - European Space Agency

Lake Mälaren's Society for Water Conservation

Lars Edenman

Lake Vänern's Society for Water Conservation

Agneta Christensen

Lake Vättern's Society for Water Conservation

Måns Lindell

Northern Water Board

Per Ericsson

Stockholm University

Susanne Kratzer

Stockholm Water Company

Christer Lännergren

Strömbeck Consulting

Niklas Strömbeck

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Swedish National Space Agency

Swedish Water Authority - Bottenhavet

Juha Salonsaari

Swedish Water Authority - Bottenviken

Peter Wihlborg

Swedish Water Authority - Norra Östersjön

Lennart Sorby

Swedish Water Authority - Södra Östersjön

Dea Carlsson

Swedish Water Authority - Västerhavet

Björn Sjöberg


Jan Bosander

Umeå University

Agneta Andersson