Monitoring of Lake Bolmen to support the water treatment processes

MERIS data for monitoring of Lake Bolmen and support of the water treatment processes at Sydvatten AB

The project goal is to investigate, on a more comprehensive level, how satellite based information can be used to measure and monitor the water quality status of Lake Bolmen and to evaluate how changes in the water quality, observed from the satellite data, can be used directly to support and enhance adaptive operation at Ringsjöverket.


  • Duration: 2012 - 2013
  • The project is funded by the Swedish National Space Board, by Sydvatten AB and by Halland-, Jönköping- and Kronoberg County Administrative Boards.
  • Contact:    Petra Philipson,

Customers and Partners

Sydvatten AB

County Administrative Board of Halland

County Administrative Board of Jönköping

County Administrative Board of Kronoberg

Swedish National Space Agency