Aquatic projects

Water Quality Monitoring

Satellite products development for water quality monitoring in the Great lakes and coastal zone.


Space Based Cyanobacteria Information & Service


GLaSS lays the foundation for water quality monitoring of lakes and reservoirs using the upcoming Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites. GLaSS is an EUfunded R&D project within the Copernicus framework.

Diversity II

The Diversity II project will contribute to the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) by assessing biological diversity in two important ecosystems of the Earth, Inland Waters and Drylands using satellite data.

Monitoring of Lake Bolmen to support the water treatment processes

The project goal is to investigate, on a more comprehensive level, how satellite based information can be used to measure and monitor the water quality status of Lake Bolmen and to evaluate how changes in the water quality, observed from the satellite data, can be used directly to support and enhance adaptive operation at Ringsjöverket.


Strategic partnership for improved basin-scale Water quality parameter retrieval from optical signatures


Spatial planning in archipelago waters by high spatial resolution remote sensing.

Satellite-Derived Secchi Depth

Satellite-Derived Secchi Depth for Improvenent of Habitat Modelling in Archipelagic Areas

High-Res Satellite Data for Mapping Benthic Habitats in Turbid Waters

The general goal is to investigate the possibilities to develop a method for classification and mapping of hard- and soft bottoms and different vegetation types in shallow coastal areas. The purpose is to derive information that will facilitate the environmental work and decision making for a number of authorities.

High-Res Satellite Data for Mapping Depth and Maritime Objects

The general purpose of this project is to evaluate the possibility of using high resolution satellite data to collect information about a number of nautical objects and, to investigate to what extent the information collection process could be automated, to develop a strategy to include the satellite data in the existing nautical database at SMA and to test the developed strategy in a pilot production.