About Brockmann Geomatics Sweden AB

Human activities carry a risk of causing harmful effects on the natural environment and there is a need to monitor the temporal variability of the status and the spatial distribution of the most sensitive and essential natural habitats. This has been highlighted nationally and globally resulting in different directives and legislations, which are now in place to guide the assessment of the status of our environment and to foster sustainable ecosystems management. Consequently, this has also led to an increasing need to monitor and map fragile ecosystems in a modern and efficient manner.

Brockmann Geomatics is specialized in environmental monitoring and mapping using Earth Observation and GIS techniques. We offer our customers a long-term close cooperation, customized information products and sustainable solutions that fit their needs. We are working in national and international environmental and mapping projects using satellite data, aerial photographs, and elevation models. Satellite data has the complementary spatial coverage and temporal resolution that improves the habitat knowledge and adds value to limited field measurements. Our expert staff has a long and broad experience in monitoring of wetlands and aquatic environments, and mapping of areas with high natural and societal values like palsa mires and forests.

Our well-established contact network, including our sister company Brockmann Consult in Germany, provides links with other national and international actors involved in biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring.